Monday 20 October 2014

Back on the wagon again!

Good afternoon everyone! Yay! Winter hit!!!!! Did you ever see anything like the change yesterday afternoon? One minute we were sitting outside commenting on how warm it was and removing layers; one minute later the clouds covered and we were shivering! Amazing!

But that is not the only thing that happened this weekend. As y’all know, I am now three months off sugar. You can read about my decision here and the three-week-in report here.

Everything has been going great – no cravings, life hasn’t changed too much, I haven’t died of starvation. I have cut down on the amount of nuts I’m eating, I’m off the dried fruit and I have changed the fruit I am eating (fewer bananas and grapes and more berries and kiwis, which are lower in sugar).

Nonetheless, this weekend I decided to bake the amazing Konditor & Cook's Curly Whirly cake (it is my go-to chocolate cake. It is in all honesty, amazing. I came it via my friend Rose – she of the Nuetnigenough restaurant review. She recommended increasing the recipe by one third; I doubled it and used this chocolate buttercream icing for the centre, and smothered the whole cake in the K&C cream cheese icing).

I baked the cake on Friday, and served myself up a medium slice after dinner. Now, I have had the odd sugary snack over the past three months with few noticeable side effects. Maybe it’s because we were on the sofa, in the peace of our home, but my stomach began speaking in Morse code to us for the rest of the night. I didn’t sleep particularly well on Friday night – I don’t know if there is a link between the two. The noisy tummy wasn’t the only side effect, but that is all I’m prepared to say on that subject right now!

So, what did I learn from all this? I’m going to stay off sugar for the time being. I haven’t noticed that I have more energy being off it, but I felt pretty 'bleugh' on Friday evening, and I definitely felt a bit 'heavy' over the weekend. Also, not eating cakes and the like, means that I can indulge on things I actually prefer, like cheese, with less of a conscience.

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