Tuesday 21 October 2014

365things on tour – Utrecht

I love the Netherlands. The place is so nice, the cities are small, manageable and user-friendly, the people are so nice, the shopping is great. And the food… mmmm. I had the chance to go to Utrecht last week for a fleeting visit with a friend. We got there just after lunchtime, so once we’d parked the car, we headed off to get something to eat. We happened upon Stan & co on Ganzenmarkt and decided to give it a go.

The cheese plate
The place is actually pretty trendy and a lot of the staff have adopted the hipster look. I loooooove hipsters. So I was in heaven. The restaurant was large and spacious, with ‘atmospheric’ lighting. The staff all spoke English and they even had a menu in English. The kitchen is on view at the back of the restaurant. I’d say the place is very popular with students, particularly at night although when we were there (mid week, lunchtime), there were a good mixture of ages and walks of life.
The chicken wings
We were in more of a picky mood rather than looking for actual dishes, so we ordered a selection of the sharing dishes – chicken wings, bitterballen, the bread selection, dried ham and cheese, and a selection of cheeses. And, of course, a couple of beers (Vedette. You can take the girl out of Belgium). The dishes all came with dips and spreads such as tapenade, apple jam and mustard. The service was very good and the food was really excellent. I highly recommend the bitterballen! 

The bread came in a brown paper bag
Stan & Co.
Ganzenmarkt 16A
3512 GD Utrecht
Telefoon: 030 – 233 45 35


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