Some of our favourite restaurants around Brussels

Brasserie Le Couvent, Waterloo
I reckon this place, up a side street in the town, serves the best burgers in Belgium! It's very near the English food shop in Waterloo, and the delicious M-Joy cupcake shop.

This is not a restaurant, and only serves champagne, but an experience in itself!

L'Amour Fou
Recommended eating in Ixelles, with fabulous burgers and once again, great service (in a Belgian restaurant! What's happening in the world!!!).

Click here to read a guest post from Rose on the new restaurant 'Nuetnigenough'. Great food and service mean that this could be a new favourite.

Bia Mara
Missing Irish-style fish n chips? Check out these guys in Brussels city centre.

If, like me, you are partial to a cupcake or two, check out M-Joy in Waterloo.


Cool bun
A friend told me about a new burger joint in Schuman, so last week a few of us from work trundled off to sample the wares. The place is small, so better safe than sorry, call them to reserve your spot.
The menu proposes about 9 burgers, including chicken, fish and falafel. We all had our eyes set on the same burger – an applejack – which comes with onion rings and your choice of mild or spicy sauce. The service was quick enough. The burger was not bad, but nothing to write home about either. The chips were excellent, if a little greasy. It was a tad on the expensive side, but you are paying for the location (it's in the shadow of the BerlayMonster).
We were all stuffed, so we had to pass on dessert, which is a shame as the menu was great looking – brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake if my memory is correct. We are thinking of going back sometime, just for dessert.
They also have a place in St Gilles.
For Schuman:
Cool Bun - Schuman
40, Rue Stevin
02 230 52 11
It’s open from Monday – Friday from 12-15h and again from 18-22. It’s also open on Saturday evenings.


Hinodeya Japanese
If you are partial to a bit of sushi, check out this great but small. It's always packed, so reservations are recommended. The food is fresh, and the service is fast. There is a terrace so you can eat outside when the weather is good. It’s open Monday-Friday. Lunch and a drink will set you back around €20.

Rue du Trone
1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 502 52 05


Best of Belgian in Brussels
We have two old haunts for proper, satisfying, Belgian stodge. The first is La Grande Porte, in the Marolles (02 512 89 98; Rue Notre-Seigneur 9; 1000 Brussels). I particularly like the stoemp (sausages and mash). I credit this place with reindtroducing me to Brussels sprouts. The beer menu, while not enormous, contains some of the slightly less usual punters. It is closed from Saturday afternoons and reopens on Monday. It’s a great place to go if the night before was heavy.

The second is Les Brassins in Ixelles, near Place Stephanie (02 512 69 99; Rue Keyenveld 36; 1050 Brussels). The place is always packed and noisy. The beer menu is extensive and contains many less-usual suspects. As well as Belgian specialties (jamboneau, rabbit, meatballs steak tartare), they also serve classic restaurant staples like lasagne, duck, swordfish).

Crush Wine
If you’re looking for a different night out with your friends in Brussels, and with a bit of culture (this bit is debatable), you can do worse than to check out Crush wine on Rue Caroly, near Place Luxembourg (note that this is strictly speaking not a restaurant).
You will need to book in advance. What you get for your trouble is an interesting evening of great food, great wines and great knowledge from the very friendly owner Max. He will talk you through about six scrummy wines from Australia and New Zealand. All this for the bargain price of around €30.


If you ever venture out of Brussels and find yourself in the village of Lasne (its near Waterloo and Villars la Ville), check out the restaurant 'Le Tartisan'. It's on the bend in the village and there is a car park behind it. I'm not being cheeky with the address - I didn't take note of it while there and an Internet search has turned up nothing but it's a small village and there is only one bend in it, so Le Tartisan shouldn't be too hard to find. Anyway, back to the fundamental stuff: we had a delicious lunch of a cheese burger from the permanent menu and a chicken kebab with Proven├žal sauce from the menu of the month, one soft and a beer from the decent beer menu for €30. It was packed, so it must be doing something right. There is a very large shoe shop in the village. We couldn't find it (despite the tininess of the village), but that may be more due to the fact that we were stuffed and when we couldn't see it from the front door, we decided to roll back to the car instead of venturing further.

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  1. My husband and I are thinking about going to Belgium next year, and it's good to hear the food is good! We're both hamburger lovers, so it looks like if we go, we're going to need to make a stop at Brasserir Le Couvent! Also, I love that you have a restaurant that's just for the experience of going! I always add places like that on my lists, and I'm so glad that I'm not the only person who does that!

    Sara Welsh |