Tuesday 24 June 2014

Restaurant review – Frunch

Every Friday from April, and until the end of the summer, several food trucks are meeting at bip at Place Royale to offer punters a communal lunch experience - Frunch. Four of us landed there last week to check it out.
There were three food trucks there: Mi Vida, Sinstreetfood, and Flagrants Delices.
All of us decided to go to Mi Vida for burgers, and they were pretty good! Very good actually. I had a cheesey, saucy, meaty burger (€7) and chips (€2.50) with mayo. The burger was served in a paper bag, so less mess. The system is very simple too – just decide what you want to eat and go order. Wait for your food to cook and enjoy! You can also buy drinks there, and beer (Hoegaarden and Juplier). 
bip has provided tables and chairs and a dj. The only thing I’d say is that it’s a bit noisy – dj! turn the volume down a tad!
Frunch - Mi Vida burger
We were there on a sunny day, but we were assured that there are contingency plans should the weather turn inclement. There were about 12-15 tables, and all of them were full.

I’d definitely go back for another go.

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