Monday 10 January 2011

Weekend dinner – Greek

Most weekends I like to cook something a little special for him n me. This can be something that takes a little longer than the usual mid-week rush job or something that allows me to try new methods, ingredients, styles.
This weekend, I wanted to cook a Greek meal. I’m not a big fan at all of Greek restaurants, as I usually find them too greasy. There is one exception however, Xanthi on Rue Francois Vander Elst 4, 1950 Kraainem t: 02 782 02 24.
For starters, we had halloumi pan fried with a little thyme and smoked paprika. This was followed by lamb chops marinated in lemon juice, garlic and thyme, pita bread, Greek salad and homemade tzatziki.
For dessert, I made honey pots and served these with custard. Custard might not be 100% Greek but I love the stuff. I also had no ground almonds so I added extra flour and used light fromage frais instead of the Greek yogurt.
Verdict: Yummy.
For the tzatziki, I take some sour cream and add about 4 cloves of crushed garlic, chopped dill and mint and some shredded cucumber. Experience has taught me to peel the cucumber and remove the seeds before shredding it. Pop the shredded cucumber into a sieve and dry with kitchen paper before adding it to the sour cream. If I can’t find sour cream I use Greek yogurt or add some lemon juice to thickly whipped fresh cream.
In case you’re wondering where I got the halloumi, a friend took it back from Cyprus for me. I've found it also in the Delhaize in Braine l'Alleud. If you know where I can find this easily in Belgium, contact me

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