Saturday 15 January 2011

Veggie burgers

Every week I try to sneak a veggie meal in. One of the reasons, in fact, the only reason for this is environmental. Hubby always detects the absence of meat, usually by commenting that "this is nice, but it would be nicer with some chicken or lardons".
However, he loves bean burgers. So, I regularly make these Mexican bean burgers for us. They are super quick, so perfect for a mid week evening meal. I add some oven chips and both are on the table within 30 minutes (beat that Jamie O!). I don't bother with the yogurt dip - we've plenty of condiments in the fridge to keep us going.
Add as much chili as you like, and don't mash up the beans too much.
Closer to the summer I'll be making meat burgers, so keep your eyes peeled for these.

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