Tuesday 5 November 2013

A change of plans

I’m a regular user of the Delhaize’s Caddyhome service. It’s a great service, especially if you’re ordering lots of heavy things like cleaning products and drinks. You place your order a couple of days in advance, select the time you want it delivered at and they turn up with your goodies. The quality of the food is excellent – I’ve never had a problem and it’s exactly what I would put in my trolley myself. The only drawback is that some products are unavailable like I can never get shelled, non-frozen prawns (#firstworldproblem) or fresh bread. I still have to pop into a supermarket every so often to get those ‘unusual’ items.

I was placing my order last week and I nearly started hyperventilating with excitement as the gibier (game) had finally arrived. I held back from just ordering one of everything, and finally selected some venison chunks to make carbonnade and some boar medallions.

Saturday rolled around and Mr Delhaize arrived (btw, kudos to Delhaize Caddyhome as everyone who has ever delivered to our place is lovely, considerate and accommodating – they take care not to make a mess, they empty the crates, take your empty bottles, check deliveries, answer questions, and are just nice) but the venison and the boar didn’t as Delhaize hadn’t received their order! Oh nooooooooo!

So, I found myself with all the support cast for my planned dinners – red cabbage, celeriac and industrial quantities of mushrooms. Thankfully I’d also ordered a whole turkey breast, so instead of venison carbonnades we had roast turkey with red cabbage and celeriac and potato mash and roast parsnips and carrots. I’d definitely never prepared celeriac before, and I’m not sure if I’d ever eaten it (I know! And it features on every Masterchef season). It’s nice! I will try it again. Every day’s a school day.
Dinner on Sunday was leftover roast turkey in a pie with some fresh veg topped with the leftover mash – think this recipe without the pastry and with potatoes.

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