Tuesday 22 October 2013

Restaurant review – Noordzee @ Place Lux

Many visitors and locals know Noordzee at Place St Catherine (opposite the wonderful Monk bar). Well, the owners have just opened a new shop at Place du Luxembourg. The concept is the same – you order at the counter and they whip up sea food in front of you that you eat standing up at the makeshift tables out front (except this new venue has seating upstairs too).
Four of us visited on Friday, at 12.30, and it was chaotic. I guess it’s a matter of getting the set-up oiled and getting people used to how the system works. If you don’t like fish, it’s not for you, as there is nothing but fish on the menu. We ordered shrimp croquettes (2 for €8), calamari (€9), deep fried shrimp (5 for €8), soup (€4.50 for a bowl), a fish burger (can’t remember the price) and deep fried fish goujons (again, around the €8-9 mark).

The deep fried scampi

Once your order is cooked, they shout out your name so you can come pick it up. Given the tiny space and the number of punters, this can be difficult. Part of our order went AWOL and we had to wait to get it cooked.
We ate outside – getting to the upstairs seemed difficult given the volume of people, and we'd found a space outside. Eating wasn’t the most comfortable, especially as we are girls, and we had handbags that had to be hung onto.

The calamari

I was a bit disappointed with the size of the dish – I got the 5 deep fried scampi. They were tasty, and they come with a small salad garnish and a slice of bread, but it’s not enough to keep you going for the afternoon, and at these prices, I wouldn’t be ordering a whole lot. Also, they weren’t de-veined (bleugh). My friends were happy with how their food tasted, and there seems to be a sort of meal deal with the soup, as my friend paid about €10 for this and the calamari. She said it was really substantial though.
The staff are very nice. The food is good, but for me, it’s not worth the price for the quantity. I’d have really liked some more carbs with it, like some chips or a substantial side salad (there is only so much fried food you can eat!). For now, I’d go back if I wanted a quick, tasty (and pricy) warm snack, and when it gets a bit calmer.

The fish goujons of mystery

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