Wednesday 1 August 2012

Salmon burgers

I saw these salmon burgers in a recent edition of Good Food magazine. They are incredibly good and quick.

Salmon burger

As not everyone chez nous likes horseradish, I left this out of the burgers and kept a jar on the table for everyone else to dose their bread as they liked.

500g salmon
the zest of a lemon
a little dill, dried or fresh
a little mayonnaise (you just need enough to glue the salmon together, so a dessert spoon/15ml)
bread for the burgers (I like pistolet - not too soft and not too crunchy) along with some more mayo, horseradish, and salad

Blitz the salmon, lemon, dill and mayo in a food processor or break the salmon into pieces and mix in a bowl until combined.
Shape the mixture into four burgers. Heat a large frying pan and cook the burgers until done – about four or five minutes on each side. I guess you could grill them too. Barbeque, I’m not so sure – if you’re feeling risky, chance one on the barbeque and see how it goes.
Make your burger up as you like it. I don’t think you need any advice there!

I got to thinking though that I was making a bit of work for myself by blitzing these in the food processor. I'm pretty certain that you could keep your salmon steaks whole, taking the skin off and popping these under the grill for a couple of minutes, then slathering them with the mayo mixed with some chopped dill and a little lemon juice and enveloping them in the bread of your choice. Also, grilling them reduces the trans fats (trans fat occur during heating, especially frying. It basically means that the fat cells split, which is not very good news for your heart). The good news is that wild (not farmed) salmon is full of stuff that is good for you, like omega-3 fats (that's the one that is good for you), vitamin D, selenium and vitamin B-12. Farmed stuff is also good for you, but has less omega-3 fat and more of the less good for you fat.


  1. Salmon, in a burger? Genius! I have got to try this!

  2. Great - let me know if you liked them! Katie