Saturday 18 August 2012

For those hot, summer nights

I have a post written from about 10 days ago, about my plans for a mysterious 3 kilos that seem to have crept onto the bathroom scales over the past few months. The post is currently unpublished as thankfully summer finally arrived, my appetite has vamoosed and with it, about 1.5 of the mysterious 3 kilos.

Today, it is (checks phone) 34 degrees. 34 degrees! Crikey! That’s hot. The in-laws are due any moment for a bbq, and I spent the critical heat hours (ie: midday to 2pm) in the relative coolness of the kitchen rustling up some focaccia, roasting some courgette, aubergine, red onion and tomatoes for a roast veg and bulgur salad and making a Gordon Ramsay lemon tart. I have photos, but first looks and smells are positive!

Roasted vegetable and bulgur salad

For starters, I have a mozzarella, fig, melon and cured meat platter. Open a packet of prosciutto or mixed cured meat and arrange on your dish and add slices of melon, torn balls of mozz and some figs.
Mixed meat, melon, mozzerella and fig platter

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