Friday 20 January 2012

Post-Christmas soups

January has been a slow month in my kitchen, between gearing down after Christmas and trying to clear out cupboards and the freezer. We’ve been sticking to low-ish fat food in an effort to get rid of the Christmas excesses. Some of what I’ve been making includes:
  • Pea soup (I used mascarpone instead of cream, only because that’s what I had in the fridge. I also didn’t make the croutons; if you want a meaty element to is, either fry up some rashers and chop them up or add fried lardoons. Don’t forget that this tends to counteract the low-fatness of the soup!).
  • Corn soup (from the February edition of the BBC Good Food magazine – it’s not on line just yet) - tastier than it sounds, next time I will add more chilli, and it’s not as radio-active yellow as it looks in the photo). I also realised that I’ve never seen a packet of frozen corn in a Belgian supermarket – three large tins of the stuff will fit the bill however.
  • And this very low fat and tasty soup from the Hairy Bikers series that’s currently on tv – the ‘Best of British’. I didn’t have any chicken mince, so I used chicken breast (cook in the soup to make a sort of stock) and sliced it up once cooked.

I will be trying out lots of new recipes this weekend, and I will post the outcomes – good or bad – here.

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