Wednesday 28 September 2011

Chicken sweetcorn soup

As an alternative to my brothy low-fat soup, tonight I’m making chicken sweetcorn soup. For this Chinese restaurant staple, for two people, you will need:

One chicken breast
A slice of ginger
A clove of garlic
About 900ml water or stock
Stock cubes (one per 500ml)
A heaped teaspoonful of cornflour
About a tablespoon of soy sauce
A tin of sweetcorn
A egg, beaten well
Coriander and spring onions to garnish

Cook the chicken together with the ginger, garlic, stock cubes and water, for about 10 minutes. While that is cooking, mix the cornflour with the soy sauce and a spoonful of water.

When the chicken is cooked, remove it and the ginger and garlic from the water and either slice it or shred it. Keeping the stock on the heat, add the cornflour mixture, stirring constantly. Heat through. Remove from the heat and add the beaten egg in a long, slow dribble (you need to beat the egg well first to break it down). You should now have strands of egg throughout the soup. Add the chicken back in, and the sweetcorn. Adjust the seasoning as you like, not forgetting how salty soy sauce is.

Pour into two bowls and garnish with some chopped coriander and spring onions.

Chicken sweetcorn soup

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