Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cheese n wine sauvages

On Thursday night, 365things and Lovely Friend rolled up to the second edition of @Axellemnn‘s Cheese n wine sauvages. Due to the frankly monsoon-like weather we gathered at Tarasloft in Ixelles (which, incidentally, is a very nice, bright, light, spacious venue for anything you happen to be hosting). 

The venue was lovely, and about a two minute walk from Pl Flagey. We actually went past the door as it is so inconspicuous. But we found the buzzer and the doors swung open, and we tottered up the path to the invitingly-lit entrance. Walking into the loft is like walking into someone’s (gorgeous) apartment. It is bright and very tastefully decorated.

The gorgeous Axelle greeted us and we were immediately handed a glass of Luxembourgish cremant. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed, and there was a distinct buzz. The people were all beautiful!

The welcome speech and the table heaving under the weight of cheese!

Axelle said that she had the idea over the summer to host these kind of impromptu picnics. The first one was held outdoors in the Bois de la Cambre. Seeing how popular the first one was, she upped the capacity to 60 people and the second session sold out almost immediately.

After a very short welcome speech, Axelle invited us to tuck into the vast array of Swiss cheese and sample the wines. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such hunks and wheels of cheese. People mingled, elbows bumped and the hum of conversation and happiness was the only background noise to be heard. There was also a very large selection of bread to accompany the cheeses, and we ate our fill. Lovely Friend even cried a little at tasting the emmental (it’s a big favourite of hers, and this specimen was rather excellent in her opinion!).

The crowd began drifting out around 8.30, and we followed suit, with happy tummies and happier sprits.

Some of the crusty bread available

The third session of the cheese n wine sauvages will take place on 25 September. Keep an eye on Axelle's Twitter account for more details. I highly recommend it!

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