Tuesday 22 October 2013

Cooking with the SD

SD was here this weekend, and (un)fortunately for her, I’d read this article during the week.

On top of the 10 things listed in the article, I added a few of my own – things I think are useful and dishes that are easily built upon from this list, so, for instance, if she learns how to make a ragu and a white sauce, she should easily be capable of making a lasagna.

I happened to be making a few of the things on the list anyway this weekend and with a couple of tweaks, I could add a couple more. So, by Sunday evening, SD (8 years old) had made: smoothies, soup, scrambled eggs, toast, roast chicken, stock, fruit crumble, a white sauce and custard. And, big meanie that I am, she also learned to clean up after her. She loved it, and the skills that she’s learning now (peeling, chopping, cooking, safety, cleaning and a bit of budgeting to name a few) will be built upon and will stay with her for life. And they can help make her some friends in Uni. And she loves food, so its good for her to know a bit about how it gets from fridge to table.

Preaching over. 

Smoothie, a la SD
Chopping courgettes for soup
Chopping cauliflower to go with the bechamel

Roast chicken

Fruit crumble

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